Panorama Cycles joins CarbonZero to offset its carbon footprint

Protecting the backcountry where we practice our sport starts with protecting our planet. The current issue of climate change is worrying. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem.

To this day, although we wish it won’t be the case, it is impossible to make a bicycle without leaving traces. Our approach therefore aims to reconcile our passion for beautiful bikes with the love we have for our planet.

This is why we work with CarbonZero to offset our carbon footprint for our business activities.

What we do

1 - We Measure

During the current year, we are assessing the CO2 emissions of each of our activities.

In our case, these are the stages of bicycle frame manufacturing (from the extraction and processing of raw materials to the energy consumed by the various manufacturing processes), the transport tasks for the entire supply chain, and our local activities of assembly and distribution.

2 - We Offset

Once our emissions are calculated, we purchase certified carbon credits that will be used to offset these emissions.

Carbon credits take the form of an amount that is used to finance projects with a real or measurable impact to reduce / eliminate greenhouse gases (GHG). These projects generally aim at reforestation, energy efficiency, biogas capture or sustainable agriculture.

3 - We Reduce

We produce an annual action plan to reduce its emissions. Exemples of our current actions:

Reduction at the source of material / component following a study of the complete life cycle of the product.

Several energy efficient improvements at our headquarters.

Plastic-free packaging

No more bubble wrap and non-recyclable plastic to package bikes. As we know, these materials end up in landfills or even worse, as particles in our waterways or oceans.

What we use to protect our bikes during the expedition is made of recycled material, and is also recyclable. And most importantly, it protects as much, if not better, than what the industry in general uses.

Recycling of unusable composite products

Panorama Cycles is committed to reducing its environmental footprint by giving new life to certain unusable composite parts. We send to C7 Composites unusable prototype frames, parts that have been tested or some of the rejects/rejects of production, thus reducing the volume of obsolete products being destined for landfill.

C7 Composites has developed a process to transform obsolete carbon/epoxy composite parts into polymer additives. The resulting products can then be used in various applications, giving new life to the original part.

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By buying from a company working with CarbonZero and C7 Composites such as Panorama Cycles, you are proving that it is possible to combine your passions for your sport, your equipment and the good for the planet.

You are part of a movement that aims to leave our Earth in the best possible condition for future generations.