Cory Ostertag

Home: Squamish, Canada

A self-proclaimed master of ‘fitting it in’, Cory Ostertag’s motivation is to squeeze everything he can out of cycling while juggling everything else life throws at him; a full-time job, being a dad or going to graduate school. Cory has been a life-long cyclist racing both on and off-road. Inspired by surreal feats of endurance by the likes of Jay Petervary, Lael Wilcox and Mike Hall, he became compelled to try bikepacking and randonneuring. He discovered he had a knack for ultra-racing when he was forced to complete the BC Epic 1000 route as fast as possible so that he could return home in time for a family vacation.

Cory grew up in Orillia, Ontario but now calls Squamish B.C. home along with his wife and son. He works for Cycling BC where he manages the province’s race programs that serve a critical role in connecting the various cycling communities and providing a much need entry point for many aspiring bike racers, young and old.

What’s next? Cory’s short-term goals include improving on his previous time on the BC Epic 1000, lining up for Ottawa’s Log Driver’s Waltz grand départ (among other events) and developing a new coastal-BC route for the enjoyment of others. He is coached by Scotti Lachuga of Leborne Coaching who is helping him develop towards the Tour Divide, the Colorado Trail Race and whatever other adventures he may be keeping secret from us.

While racing may have captured his attention, he sees these events as catalysts for growing the bikepacking community, getting new people on bikes outside, advocating for right to roam and highlighting the social, environmental, and economic impacts of cycle-tourism.