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Louise Philipovitch

Residence : Montreal, Canada.

Louise embarked on her first bikepacking adventures in 2018 to explore the territories of Quebec and British Columbia, Canada. Discovering a simple lifestyle connected to nature that suited her perfectly, she quit her job in 2022 to embark on 6 months of bikepacking through the mountain ranges of Europe and Morocco. She rode the trails of the Picos de Europa, the Pyrenees, the Alps, the Apennines, and the Atlas Mountains.

A rustic outdoor enthusiast, she also practices canoe-camping, winter camping, and off-trail cross-country skiing. Fond of endurance cycling, she has taken on challenges such as GravelMan Mont Blanc (350 km for 8600 meters of positive elevation gain), Wendigo Fatbike Utra (200 km fatbike ride in February in Ontario) and soon the Cycling Wesfjord Way Challenge, a 1000 km race in Iceland in June 2023.

Very involved in the cycling community in Quebec, she had co-founder of Les Fines Garnottes, a gravel and adventure bike collective for women, trans and non-binary people based in Montreal.


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