Traka 360 - Race Report

Our ambassador Vincent Nadon completed The Traka 360 this year using the Katahdin. He shares his thoughts on this race and how the Katahdin handled it!

Racing two mud carnage events, Rasputitsa (USA) and Traka 360 (Spain), in 2 weeks was quite a technical challenge.

The Traka 360 is THE most important gravel race in Europe at the moment. Due to heavy rain conditions, and snow in the Pyrennees, the organizers decided to cancel the 560km event, and modify the course for the 360km, resulting in slightly less kilometers and elevation gain than anticipated. The amount of rain that the region received in the previous 4 days, was more than what Spain usually receives in 1 year!

Hooray for the Spaniards that were living in drought the last few years. And hooray? for the riders who were up for an interestingly different challenge under their wheels. As I rode the course, there was so much mud and water stripping the chain of its wax, that I had to “re-lube” every time I would stop.

My brand new brake pads, front and back, are already almost done after my Spanish trip due to the sand coming between the pads and rotors!

My Katahdin was agile in the steep mud pits and very comfortable for the flat parts with headwinds. It was perfect for a race of 340km with 3400m of elevation, which is basically an 18h cyclocross race ;)

Talking frame mud clearance, the Katahdin eats it all. I had no problem at all riding 45mm tires with knobs with the mud. I am even preparing a setup with 650b x 2.1” for the Vermont Super 8 later this season.

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Photo Credits: The Traka