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Solo exploration North of the 49th parallel

Toulnustouc river region

Photos and Text by Taavi Rutishauser


Destination for the long weekend: the area around the Toulnustouc power station and the river bearing the same name. I set out in exploration mode, to see if there was a way to identify a potential bikepacking route in this region. I didn't expect so much!

These are vast crown lands, hence freely accessible for riding and camping. Beautiful camping spots abound along the banks of rivers and lakes. Beware of the frequent presence of bears, wolves, lynx, and others... so preventive measures (bangers/spray/food) were necessary!

One must enjoy climbs to go there, because it's like a real roller coaster with slopes of 8-16% without respite! No doubt, it's special to ride in such an isolated territory, without crossing paths with anyone, except for 2 couples on quads, who looked as surprised as I was to encounter someone!


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