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Fatbiking and ice climbing at “La crique à David”

13km of fatbiking + 1.5km of bushwacking + 3 ice cascades ascents


Monday and Tuesday: rain. Saturday, they're forecasting -21°C.

While my skiing friends are in a slump, I know the conditions will be more than perfect for going off the beaten path on a fatbike. The terrain, difficult to traverse with a lot of new snow, is now within reach with such temperatures.

And at the same time, a little thaw during winter is always beneficial for ice climbing. So why not combine fatbiking and ice climbing in one outing?

Heading to Lanaudière, in the area of Saint-Émilie-de-l’Énergie, to first take a multi-use trail superbly maintained by a group of locals. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, fatbiking, horseback riding, dog sledding... All outdoor enthusiasts are welcome. The conditions are fast and make it easier to move our bikes loaded with about fifteen pounds of climbing gear. A few kilometers further, we spot a lake bordered by a cliff several hundred meters long, with heights varying from about 30m to 60m. Numerous ice falls flow over it. That's our destination!

The approach on foot was tough; a crusty snow surface had to be broken through with each step. It took us about 1h30 to cover this short distance from the lake to the foot of the cliff. But once there, we were rewarded! The spotted waterfall was fantastic: several beautiful little steps, nice cracks, and long vertical sections were going to test us for the remainder of the afternoon.

When you reach these remote places, it's easy to imagine being the only people to have done so in recent years.

And perhaps that will be the case for years to come…


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