Two-day loop in the Reserve Faunique des Laurentides

  • 2-day loop
  • 107 km / 1890 m of elevation gain
  • Difficulty: intermediate, 100% rideable with rugged sections

Find the Ride with GPS files and the photo gallery below

Words, photos and route by Marie-Pierre Savard.
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The Laurentides Wildlife Reserve is the first SEPAQ territory to officially include adventure biking among the activities offered. By providing routes specifically designed for bikepacking, adapting the regulations to this practice, and offering additional camping spaces, the wildlife reserve has certainly innovated!

''We were inspired by the route named K designed by the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve. We completed this loop in 2 days. It is 100% rideable, though very bushy for about a hundred meters. The terrain is mountainous and relatively rugged. A gravel is good enough, but a MTB or even a fat bike may be recommended.

The views were stunning, there were very few mosquitoes, the sun was blazing, and the terrain was a great challenge. It was perfect and it motivated me to want to return to explore another sector.

I also got to ride the Panorama Cycles Taïga for the first time, a bike perfectly suited for this terrain. Despite the fact that this route is entirely rideable, some sections were very rugged and I appreciated having front suspension for a smoother ride!’’