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Bikepacking overnighter in Forêt-Ouareau regional park

A must-try route!

At Panorama Cycles, we value backcountry adventures and want to highlight all the wonderful bikepacking opportunities our local trails offer. We invite you to try out this overnighter through Quebec’s Ouareau Forest! The first 10 people to ride this route will receive a Panorama Cycles cap or our new badge, whichever they prefer. Go ride, share a photo of your experience on this route by tagging @panoramacycles backcountrycycling and write us to request your cap!

Last summer, our team of amassadors embarked on a weekend of bikepacking. A two-day loop through the Ouareau forest, offering a variety of terrain. It may or may not imply hike-a-bike at some point, but that’ll make the supper at the end of the day even tastier. And for that, our ambassadors have the perfect recipe: a campfire poutine.

Itinerary designed by our trail expert and ambassador Marie-Pierre Savard!Video by Jonathan B. Roy.


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