Anticosti – Frameset
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Anticosti – Frameset

1,199$ (CAD)

*** Available as a frame + fork set for now. Contact us if you are interested in the complete bike. Comes with the wheel axles. Headset and seat collar not included. ***

When you venture on the less traveled roads of the backcountry, sometimes, the beautiful road becomes much more bumpy than what was predicted. The asphalt becomes gravel, and the gravel literally becomes an off-road trail. It is for this kind of adventure that the Anticosti was created.

The Anticosti bike is built with a bespoke selection of Reynolds 725 steel tubing, thinned where it is needed to reduce weight. A generous clearance allows you to install 27.5×2.1 or 700×50 tires with fenders. Finally, you will find all the necessary mounts to carry the equipment for a night in the tent, or for a more ambitious globe-trotting trip project.

Do not let your current bike limit your desire to explore. Take the path you want with the Panorama Anticosti.

Clear selection


Please refer to the complete Anticosti for more information. Any questions, contact us and we will be happy to answer your request.


1-1/2¨ x 1-1/8¨ TAPERED HEADTUBE
TIRE CLEARANCE: 700X50; 650X2.1


1-1/8¨ / 1-1/2¨ TAPERED STEER TUBE
TIRE CLEARANCE: 700X50; 650X2.1


Riding a bike adapted to its morphology is essential for comfort, performance and fun!
Contact us for any technical questions.


“ It’s no surprise that Panorama Cycles drew inspiration from this island in Eastern Canada, which evolved into a go-anywhere, all-terrain touring bike made of Reynolds 725 steel tubes and sitting on cushy 27.5 x 2.1″ tires.”

“L’anticosti a été créé avec un cadre en tubes d’acier Reynolds 725, des pneus de 27.5po sur 2.1po et tous les ancrages nécessaires pour un projet de voyage.”

“Developed with diverse landscapes in mind, the Anticosti’s frame geometry is truly designed to tackle ALL roads, making it a capable off-roader, gravel grinder, and traditional tourer.”


    review rating 5  I had a fantastic experience dealing with Eric and my purchase was easy and shipping was fast. I absolutely love my Katahdin, it is the perfect bike for me.

    thumb Zachary Farrell

    review rating 5  Enjoying my gravel panorama Katahdin bike.

    thumb James Dunn

    review rating 5  Excellent fat bikes! I rode the Chic-Choc in both winter and sumer and it was surprisingly light and quick to accelerate. Small shop with passionate people = great service and overall experience!

    thumb Alexandre Provost

    review rating 5  Best and lightest Fatbike bikepacking ready!

    thumb Francois Carrier-Deziel
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What is the right frame size for me?

If you are unsure of the right frame size you need, contact us in order to provide the following 2 parameters: your height and the vertical distance between the ground and your crotch, with your shoes on. These 2 pieces of information are sufficient in the vast majority of cases to determine the right bike for your body type.

If you would like a more precise fit on your bike, please contact one of our retailers. They will be happy to help you with a personalized “fit”.

In any case, if you are not satisfied with the size of your bike purchased online, you can return it to us within 10 days of your purchase for an exchange or refund. Learn more about our guarantees here.

Do you offer this bike only with one choice of components?

The bike is currently only available with one group of components. We tried to find the right balance between performance, price and durability.

We frequently make modifications of all kinds on our bikes to meet the needs of our customers. Contact us so we can learn what interests you, and we will be happy to turn your wishes into reality.


Will a 1x11 transmission be adequate for me?

We decided to offer our gravel bikes in a 1×11 combination rather than with 2 chainrings, for the sole reason that we appreciate the simplicity and performance of the 1x system. One less derailleur = one less system to maintain, less risk of breakage.

The 11-42T cassette offered on the bike gives a speed range of 382%. Compared with a “traditional” road bike transmission (chainrings of 39-53T and cassette of 11-28T), the latter has a ratio range of 346%. The 1×11 cassette therefore provides 36% more speed ranges (we are talking here about the difference between the speeds at the ends, between the easiest VS the most difficult).

For the majority of users, riding in similar conditions from one time to another, the ratios offered by this system are amply satisfactory.

However, if you are one of those who vary your outing styles enormously, this range may not be sufficient. We means here that if, for example, you sometimes ride heavily loaded, other times unloaded. Or if you sometimes ride on asphalt at high speed and other times in very rough terrain at very low speed. Know that there are several possible options for you.

The most common is to change the 11-42T cassette to an 11-46T. A range of 418% will then be obtained. Also, for extreme cases, the use of 9-46T or 11-50T cassettes, to increase the range up to 511% while keeping a 1 × 11 system, can be considered.

Despite adding complexity, a 2×11 system offers the advantage of reducing the difference in the ratios between the speeds. This can help the cyclist to find the right ratio to maintain the perfect cadence during a long ride on an even and not mountainous path.

If you are interested in a 2×11 system, or if you want to increase your speed range with a 1×11 system, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project. We can customize your bike with pleasure.

Why mechanical disc brakes?

Mechanical disc brakes are a go-to option for touring / bikepacking / adventure biking. Certainly, the hydraulic brakes offer a little more power and modulation to the lever. However, mechanical brakes are light, excessively reliable, and amply powerful. Above all, much easier to maintain and repair if something goes wrong.

I hesitate between a steel and carbon frame, which one to choose?

We do not consider that one of these 2 materials is superior to the other. Both steel and carbon fiber offer unique properties, meeting the specific needs of different types of cyclists.

We have developed carbon laminates to exceed impact resistance standards to make our adventure / touring bikes durable and reliable. But mishaps can happen…

In the event of a major failure, steel is definitely more easily repairable than carbon. A minor break on a carbon fiber bike can be repaired, but the workshops offering these services are rather rare and the associated costs are considerable.

Comfort / Performance:
The steel tubes we use in our frames are nothing like what you find on entry-level bikes. We use highly worked and thinned tubes in the least stressed areas in order to optimize the weight. However, a steel frame is a little heavier than a carbon frame.

A steel frame is more comfortable for the cyclist, since it is a little less rigid and absorbs vibrations better.

In contrast, our carbon frames are lighter and stiffer than their steel equivalent, which makes them more efficient / faster (i.e. maximizes the power transmission deployed by the cyclist).

Finally, there is the very subjective aspect of aesthetics. Many people like the timeless look of a steel frame, while others prefer the more modern look of a composite frame.

It is up to you to make your choice!

Does a steel frame rust?

The outside of the frame is obviously protected against rust thanks to the paint. The interior of the frame, however, has no rust protection.

If you store your bicycle in a dry environment and do regular cleaning and maintenance of your bicycle, there is no special measure to take.

But if you ride in extreme conditions and your bike remains wet / dirty for long periods, we strongly suggest that you treat the inside of the frame with a product such as Problem Solver Frame Saver or JP Weigle Frame Saver.

Is the bike shipped assembled?

Our bikes are all delivered packed in a transport box and 90% pre-assembled. Once you receive the box, all you have to do is unpack the bike, install the front wheel, the handlebars and your pedals before you can ride. After the first ride (break-in period), it is good to check the adjustments on the bike. To learn more about the order and delivery process, read this.