Panorama X Pellvetica

Pellvetica: artists first and foremost

There is a tradition for some ski and snowboard manufacturers to collaborate with artists for the graphic design of their product. In the bike industry, it’s unfortunately less common. The artist must be very talented to produce an artwork that is both a personal expression, but also reflects the characteristics of the brand.

Sandy and Steve Pell, two Vancouver-based artists, are not only super talented, but also passionate cyclists. They form the Pellvetica duo.

We are very excited and proud to partner with them for our recent project: The Katahdin gravel bike.

Together, the Pells have developed a style all of their own that has grabbed global attention. Their ability to transform blank spaces into memorable places, has also garnered a positive reputation among the interior design community, winning them awards for their mural work such as Top 10 of the World’s Coolest Offices.

Working from our gravel bike frame, they turned the frame into a spectacular work of art.

Artwork inspiration: the gray wolves

Gray wolves play a key role in keeping our ecosystems healthy. Traveling in groups of 7 or 8, they develop strong social bonds within their packs as analogous to that of a group of cyclists…

With complex communication systems ranging from barks and whines to growls and howls, these animals are most active at dawn and dusk. They howl most on a full moon, when the nights are the brightest.

Color inspiration

“For our artwork, we’ve selected white line work on a black frame to mimic the reflection of a glowing moon behind howling wolves. Highlights of light cremes, warm tans, and rich dark browns emulates this majestic animal’s fur.”

-Sandy Pell