Bikepacker portrait: Taavi Rutishauser

Nom: Taavi Rutishauser
Lives in Marieville,Qc

What’s your best plan for an overnighter bikepacking adventure?

Location: Bras-du-Nord Valley, where there is an abundance of forest routes and trails. Pack a few microbrews or a scotch/whisky flask and leave with 2-3 friends for the adventure of a lifetime.

How do you plan for a weekend adventure? What inspires you the most? (Great spots to try out or instagram accounts to discover)

Facebook group to follow: bikepacking.qc / The following Instagram accounts: @overlandjournal / @joeyshusler / @montanus_thewildside / @joecruzpedaling / @janickpierre / @mattyhunter

What essentials to you pack when on a multiple day adventure?

Victorinox multi-tool and Park Tool’s multi-tool for bikes / Katadyn water filter / Mattress and sleeping bag / Tent or Bivy Sack / Food

Minimalist rider or cozy adventurer?

Minimalist, but I like to splurge a little on the way if the opportunity presents itself. As an example, I once ordered a complete table d’hôte meal comprised of fresh seafood during my bikepacking trip on Anticosti Island. It was really nice to take it all in after spending a week eating freeze-dried foods.

Early morning start: Espresso or Latte?

Double Espresso 🙂

Latest microbrewery discovery?

Singletrack IPA from Roquemont microbrewery