Pierre and Janick: Panorama Cycles Ambassadors

« We consider ourselves nomads on bicycles, images and data gatherers on wheels, on a quest for scenes and stories that weave the fabric of what we call our world…and it seems like a lifetime won’t be enough! »

Janick Lemieux and Pierre Bouchard bio…

Janick and Pierre are two nomads on wheels who’ve taken their feelings of wanderlust very seriously. The couple from Quebec has been riding loaded mountain bikes over the world map for more than 20 years, having ridden and ventured some 250,000 km in about 80 countries.

A bottomless curiosity coupled with an urge to be witnesses and share the adventure drive their expeditions as well as their publishing and public speaking work.

Following the active volcanoes of the Pacific Ring of Fire for 10 years (1999-2009) has been such a rich experience that Janick and Pierre have dreammed up a new journey around a different theme. Since June, 2014, the couple has been pedalling towards the nomadic peoples who wander and etch a living between Europe’s northernmost point and the southern tip of Africa : NOMADS² cycling odyssey or nomads by nomads from cape to cape!

Having just completed the first stage of this pedalled investigation, a 21,000 km and 21 month stampede from Norway to Tanzania, they’ll be riding Panorama Chic-Chocs on their micro and not-so-little adventures during this half-time session in their Charlevoix, Quebec basecamp…

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